Fire Protection

Fire Protection in the form of suppression is a primary function of the department. We attend a wide variety of fire type incidents: brush fires, structure fires, dumpster fires, beach fires, and so on. The PVFD also provides both mutual and automatic aid to surrounding departments for fire supression.

Technical Rescue

The Parksville Volunteer Fire Department provides mixed rescue services. The most common rescue being auto extrication type incidents. The PVFD also provides confined space rescue and has specialized team of technical rope rescuers.

Medical Assistance

The PVFD provides assistance to BC Ambulance Services when they are unduly delayed and or require additional personnel for various reasons.

Hazardous Materals

Incidents involving hazardous materials are one the most serious and complex types of calls for any department to respond to. Members of the PVFD are trained to the Operations level, and have handled various incidents such as chlorine leaks.

Public Education

As part of Fire Prevention the PVFD is heavily involved in public education. There are a variety of programs offered: fire safety talks (all ages), fire extinguisher demos, hall tours, and mini firefighter challenges for kids. You will also see us spreading fire safety at public events such as Canada Day. For more information please refer to the Fire Prevention section of our website.